Until now, the FIM has referred solely to existing international standards for the approval of paints for use in its competitions.

In order to take account of a more complete and demanding evaluation of performance, and give specific and exclusive recognition to paints that meet more demanding criteria, the FIM Technical and Circuit Racing Commissions have now launched a pioneering and unique programme, the FIM Racing Homologation Programme for paints (FRHPpa), which features the latest state of art methods of testing.

Under this programme, the FIM grants paints a homologation certificate and labels, which are a mandatory prerequisite to be entitled to access FIM Circuit Racing competitions.

To obtain such homologation, the paints have to meet the high performance and quality standard set by the FIM.

Test procedure

Two lines are drawn with an air-pressurised machine and additional lines can be drawn if other application methods are defined by the manufacturer.

Glass plates are placed at the beginning and the end of each line to measure the rate of consumption and the drying time.

Rate of consumption

The rate of consumption is calculated with glass plate placed at the beginning and the end of each line (for air-pressurised machine). Each plate is weighted before and after the application and is given in [g/m2].

Drying time

The drying time is measured on glass plate and on asphalt directly in accordance with the ASTM D711 Standard.

Luminance coefficient (Qd)

The luminance coefficient is measured three times per line in accordance with EN 1436:2018 standard.

Colour chromaticity

The colour chromaticity (i.e. chromaticity coordinates) is measured in accordance with EN 1436:2018 standard.

Skid resistance

The skid resistance is measured at three spots before and 24h after the application of the paint with a pendulum tester in accordance with EN 13036-4:2011 standard. The measures are performed are tested in wet condition. The values are given in [srt].



Acceptance criterion

Rate of consumption

It should differ more than ±25% from the values declared by the manufacturer

The ratio between the mass of the paint (g) and the width of the line (m) measured at the beginning and the end of every paint line that is applied must not vary by more than 0.15 [g/m].

Drying time

Must not deviate more than 20% from the values of drying times declared by the manufacturer.

When tested at a temperature of 20 [°C] ± 5 [°C] and 50% ± 5% Relative Humidity (RH), must not exceed 20 minutes on the asphalt surface.

When tested at a temperature that differ from 20 [°C] ± 5 [°C] and 50% ± 5%, the manufacturer must demonstrate that the measured drying time corrected to 20 [°C] does not exceed 20 minutes.

Luminance coefficient

the averaged luminance coefficient Qd shall be ≥ 220 [mcd*m-2*lx-1]

Colour chromaticity

the x,y chromaticity coordinates of the white paint shall lie within the pre-defined region defined by the corner points given in Table 6 and illustrated in Figure 1 of the standard EN 1436:2018.

Skid resistance

the average of the SRT values of the paint measured at three different locations and the corresponding SRT values of the asphalt surface measured at the exact three locations must be within the range -5 and +10 [SRT].