The FIM is pleased to announce a new FIM homologation for the new X-Lite/Nolan helmet for Circuit Racing, the X-803-P.

The homologation is valid only for the sizes XS, S, S1, M and L and in the presence of all the available appendices (chin guard, frontal, top and rear ventilation, side deflector) and the rear spoiler.

This helmet comes with a standard ECE certification and moreover has successfully passed all tests of the FIM Helmet Standard FRHPhe-01, namely linear impact tests at high (8.2 m/s) and low (5.0 m/s) speed on ECE points, medium speed linear impact tests on 3 extra points randomly chosen on the helmet surface, oblique impact tests with 5 different orientations and penetration test at 2 random spots.

Enzo Panacci, CEO Nolangroup S.p.A.: "Nolangroup is a company that has always made safety one of its fundamental principles, so obtaining the FIM homologation for the X 803 - P helmet, already approved ECE, is a source of pride and confirms the quality of our products. We appreciate the commitment of FIM for the development of this new type of certification, which was created above all to meet the safety requirements in the competitions in which we have been involved for many years and which are a source of inspiration for the development of our helmets all made in Italy."

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