Homologation Manual for Circuit Racing: FRHPba-01 - Homologation Manual - Circuit Racing 2024

Homologation Manual for Track Racing: FRHPba-01-Homologation_Manual-Track_Racing_2024.pdf

Application form: FRHPba-01 - Application Form 2024.pdf

Application form (update): FRHPba-01 - Application Form 2024 - Update.pdf


January 2024:

- New FIM logo

April 2023:

- Circuit racing: M. Indemnities and Liability

- Track racing: M. Indemnities and Liability

October 2022:

- Circuit racing: Applicable Law and Arbitration

- Track racing: height of barrier, Environmental conditions, acceptance criteria results and applicable Law and Arbitration

September 2022:

- modifications have been made for CCR Hom. Manual: "Peak accelerations (reported in g) and deformation (reported in %) shall be rounded to the nearest ones"

- acceptance criteria for "type C" barriers

June 2022:

- product prerequisite

- material requirement

- fire resistance

- impact testing

- after crash conditions

- manufacturer's guidelines for installation

- spare parts

February 2022: definition of minimum height of barriers for Circuit Racing

December 2021: definition and legth of safety skirt modified for Track Racing

October 2021: division of the Homologation Manual (one for Circuit Racing, one for Track Racing)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Homologation Manual and the Application Form have to be signed for each Application/Update

For more information, please contact frhp@fim.ch.