What does a FIM homologated helmet look like?

A FIM homologated helmet is a helmet that has successfully passed the homologation tests listed here, under the FRHPhe-01, and here for the FRHPhe-02, with a valid FIM homologated label sewn on the chinstrap.

As on the first look, the helmet could look like any others helmets, then the homologation must be checked by three consecutive steps:

  1. The helmet model is listed on this page under the FRHPhe-01 and on this page under the FRHPhe-02, and you can find for which sizes the homologation is valid.
  2. The helmet has a FIM Homologation label (with a QR-Code and the FIM hologramme) sewn on the chinstrap.
  3. When the QR-Code is scanned you will be redirected to a webpage with all the information regarding this particular model, size and its accessories.

In order to prevent counterfeiting and to have a valid homologation, the helmet must have the labels sewn (#2) on the chinstrap AND the database filled (#3).

It is to be noted that the homologation is valid only for the tested sizes and accessories.