The racing-track-proven KABUTO helmet for Circuit Racing, the RT-33, has also received FIM racing homologation.

The helmet will be available for the riders in three sizes (M, L and XL) and the homologation is valid only in the presence of all the available appendices (front venturi, chin and rear vents) and the rear spoiler. Two smaller sizes (XS and S) will follow.

This helmet comes with a standard JIS and ECE certification, i.e. for Japanese and European domestic market requirements, and has successfully passed all tests of the FIM Helmet Standard FRHPhe-01, namely linear impact tests at high (8.2 m/s) and low (5.0 m/s) speed on ECE points, medium speed linear impact tests on 3 extra points randomly chosen on the helmet surface, oblique impact tests with 5 different orientations and penetration test at 2 random spots.

"OGK Kabuto has been trying its best to keep up with the tough timeframe before FRHPhe-01 certified helmets become mandatory in FIM-sanctioned circuit races.  It has been very challenging and we are happy that we have been successful in meeting the standard required. ", says Mr Oka, OGK Kabuto Product Technology Team Manager.

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