The FIM is pleased to announce the most recent FIM homologation for circuit racing helmets: the Korean-made RPHA 01R, manufactured by HJC.

Founded in 1971, HJC Helmets has a proud history of supplying high quality motorcycle helmets to both the public and racers around the world. HJC has two factories based in South Korea and Vietnam, which produce more than one million helmets per year.

The RPHA 01R comes with a standard ECE certification and has successfully passed all tests of the FIM Helmet Standard FRHPhe-01, namely linear impact tests at high (8.2 m/s) and low (5.0 m/s) speed on ECE points, medium speed linear impact tests on three extra points randomly chosen on the helmet surface, oblique impact tests with five different orientations and penetration test at two random spots.

The homologation is valid for XXS, XS and M sizes, in the presence of all the available appendices (top, front, mouth and lower vents), including two different versions of the rear spoiler. A lower vent cover can be used or not, as the homologation is valid for both cases.

Mr S. J. Hong, HJC Corporation CEO: "HJC Helmets is very proud to be one of the first helmet companies to pass the new FIM standard with the RPHA 01R helmet. The RPHA 01R was designed specifically for the highest levels of professional racing and will be worn by some of the world’s greatest motorcycle racers, including Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Iannone. With 48 years of experience, we accept the responsibility to lead from the front in the industry by producing a helmet that passes the new FRHPhe-01 certification. Our company always places a high priority on meeting and exceeding any safety standards that are implemented by race sanctioning bodies or by regions at the consumer level. As a manufacturer, HJC develops and produces all helmets focusing on safety at the highest value and the best engineers are able to research, design, test and build each race helmet. We look forward to seeing all riders stay safe and happy riding with HJC helmets." 

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